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Royaume de Belgique
Koninkrijk België

The Independent State of Belgium
came into being on
4th October 1830

Belgian Coat of Arms

Belgian Coat of Arms
This Depicts the Lion of Belgium
(Leo Belgicus) with the Motto:

(Eendracht maakt macht)
(Strength lies in Unity)

Belgian Flag
Capital - Brussels

Map of Belgium
I have inserted a turquoise blue 'bullet' to show the
approximate position of Eisden on this small scale map
Map of Belgium with the approximate position of Eisden superimposed in turquoise blue
Eisden is situated in the
Limburg Province of Belgium.

(Latitude 50° 58' North - Longitude 5° 58' East)

Municipality - Maasmechelen

Administrative District - Tongeren

A row of houses with winking lights!

Marthe's Old Home in Eisden
Marte's daughter and son-in-law, Yvonne and Hubert Van Hecke-Janssen, live in this house today. Photo taken 7th July 2002
[N.B.  At some time in the last 50 years, 'Dorpstraat' was renamed 'Langstraat'.   Walk through
the village towards the bridge over the canal, and you will pass by the house on the right.]

Click here for a Map of the Eisden Area from www.multimap.com
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The Belgian National Anthem

"Belgisch volkslied"   —————   "La Brabançonne"
Flemish words
French words
O dierbaar België
O heilig land der vaad'ren
Onze ziel en ons hart zijn u gewijd.
Aanvaard ons hart en het bloed van onze adren,
Wees ons doel in arbeid en in strijd.
Bloei, o land, in eendracht niet te breken;
Wees immer u zelf en ongeknecht,
Het woord getrouw, dat ge onbevreesd moogt spreken:
Voor Vorst, voor Vrijheid en voor Recht. (x3)
O Belgique, ô mère chérie,
A toi nos cœurs, à toi nos bras,
A toi notre sang, ô Patrie !
Nous le jurons tous, tu vivras !
Tu vivras toujours grande et belle
Et ton invincible unité
Aura pour devise immortelle :
Le Roi, la Loi, la Liberté ! (ter)

Click the notes click here to hear the music (568 KB)
[N.B. Playback will be jerky until music has fully loaded - restart for best results]

What was 'Belgium' before Independence? Well, Belgium has a very interesting history. It was once an important part of Charlemagne's empire (from 768 to 814) but was divided under the treaty of Verdun in 843. From 1384 to 1477, the country was under the control of the House of Burgundy. Then in 1516, Belgium and the Netherlands both came under Spanish control until the Netherlands declared its independence in 1581. In 1713, Austria assumed control after the War of the Spanish Succession. Then in 1794, French troops drove the Austrians from Belgium and, in 1797, Austria formally ceded Belgium to France. When Napoleon was finally defeated at Waterloo in central Belgium, Belgium became part of the Kingdom of the Netherlands.

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