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If you have just found one of my pages, the main part of my website is dedicated to the memory of my aunt, Marthe Janssen-Leyder, a member of the Belgian Secret Army during World War Two.  She was part of the official escape lines in her village of Eisden and helped a number of allied evaders get back home.

My Home page links directly to my Belgian History page, which gives some background information about Belgium during World War Two, and to my Tribute pages which tell you about Marthe's work for the Belgian Secret Army, what happened to her after the war and our family memories. Scroll down my Home page (or use the quick page jumps) to find links to my main pages, to my personal pages, to my paternal family tree (from 1698) and to my Family Album.

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Don't miss reading Marthe's True Stories (written in her own words). She typed these out for my parents whilst visiting just a few days before she died in November 1946.

Find out how her home town of Eisden honoured her memory and her bravery with a special Commemorative Plaque set in the wall of the house she lived in.

Read about the Airman whose photograph appeared in a Belgian Newspaper of 1950. For a long time, his identity was a mystery. Then I got the names of three evaders helped by my aunt... and, against all odds, I found one of them. Douglas Jennings is the young man in the newspaper and, amazingly, he had visited my father in September 1946.

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