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Well, I started this as a sort of private diary. Maybe I will publish it one day. However, I am not sure if I like the format of Tripod's Blog as it appears to be a stand-alone thing and I want something more informal contained within my website.

Page One - January to February 2004


Thursday, 19th February 2004

Had a very strange dream about a futuristic airshow going on over our back garden! Lots of strange aircraft passing by in formation - some really huge. Very interesting. I think I must be watching too many episodes of "Stargate SG1"! (It's a great show!).   Never did get a reply from Freecom about my Traveller. After a week, I emailed them again to say I would appreciate an answer. Got a reply very quickly asking me to resend the original information. Wrote again on 11th. Given up now. Very rude of them not to reply, it would have only taken a couple of minutes or less to send a email saying 'sorry, unable to replace your machine as out of guarantee'.


Monday, 9th February 2004

More computer problems. Since Thursday, couldn't download any emails to my Inbox although I could view them on MailWasher! Also too many spam emails not bouncing back because of false addresses. It occurred to me that all this bouncing doubles the problem of spam clogging the airwaves or whatever they are and I wondered if my account might have been locked because of all the returning spam. Also, I think the bouncing caused at least two emails I know of, both from family, to be returned to sender marked 'unable to deliver'. Will set MailWasher to just delete. Should really replace my laptop. The on/off switch broke in the summer of 2002 and I use the 'Quick Launch' button to switch on. This means that each time the computer hangs, I have to resort to poking the little hole on the side of the machine to reboot. Anyway, I digress. Noticed that the boxes for incoming and outgoing mail were greyed out on Account Properties so tried creating a new account only to get a message telling me my password was wrong. (It wasn't). So, Saturday rang Freeserve Customer Support. Everything working now except my identity now downloads mail sent to my husband's identity. I'm now putting the blame on Freeserve. I think they must have changed things on the server because my old system of sorting mail to different identities (by putting "-john:-grandpa:+myusername" on my identity) no longer works. So, it was probably that filter system which suddenly stopped any mail downloading to my side.


Monday, 3rd February 2004

Saw the Doctor today after an uncomfortable weekend - driving up to my sister's on Saturday for a family get-together in honour of Baby Andrew probably didn't help. It was last Wednesday when I hurt my back again trying to force the Whirligig Clothes Line up when it was stuck. Anyway, it appears that I have snapped or torn a tendon on one of my thoracic vertebrae (I heard something go 'pop' at the time!). Probably weakened it when I hurt my back last December. A real nuisance. It seems to be affecting my ribs and intercostal muscles on the right side which are very sore. Sigh...


Tuesday, 27th January 2004

Well, I have spent a few days uninstalling and reinstalling the drivers for the Freecom Traveller CD Writer; uninstalled and reinstalled Easy CD and Direct CD. Downloaded a new driver from the Freecom Website and tried that. Tried a complete uninstall using Add/Remove Programs and reinstalled the driver and the software. All to no avail. Lost count of the number of reboots! So, yesterday, I rang the Support Hotline. Went through exactly the same procedure of adding and removing drivers, etc., etc.! The Technician eventualy decided that the problem was the Traveller itself and not the driver. "We no longer repair these units. How long have you had it?".  I explained that the Traveller was a present (from my son and my daughter for my 60th birthday) and that my son had installed it on my computer exactly two years and one day before all this happened. Did I have the receipt? I didn't - I told 'Will' that I thought it likely that my son had bought it in December 2001. Emailed David. Yes, he had the receipt, he bought it on 7th December 2001. Rang Technician Will again: "Send us an email explaining everything as I don't have the authority to give you a replacement and I will have to pass it on to my manager". He seemed quite hopeful. Fingers crossed.


Thursday, 22rd January 2004

weeping icon

Aaaarrrggggh! Been having trouble with the computer hanging a lot recently and going into "Safe Mode" and now I seem to have trashed my external cd writer. I was trying to access a folder on the cd when everything froze so I hit Ctrl-Alt-Del. Now Drive E has disappeared and I am getting a message that there is "No supported CD-R/CD-RW drive".


Thursday, 8th January 2004

Very pleased to see that my website has been featured in this month's Practical Internet Web Designer (Issue 89). I had originally written to the 'Design Doctor' in late September 2003, hoping for some advice and/or tips. The Editor contacted me in mid November to explain that the Design Doctor had been put out to pasture and was I interested in having a professional Web designer giving my site an overhaul in the new 'Site SOS' section!   Agreed with some trepidation!   Heard no more until I opened my January magazine! They have made some very helpful comments and their suggested design for my home page made me realise that the initial screen should contain some relevant information and links to jump down the page. (Not just a 'Welcome' and a photo!). I liked their suggested page background with bands across a photograph. However, they have not told me how to achieve this effect. Will have to experiment in Paint Shop Pro!


Monday, 5th January 2004

a picture of our new grandson

Went up to London today to say 'hello' to baby Andrew. He seems to have reddish hair and is an absolutely gorgeous and super little chap. We fell in love with him immediately! And his Mum and Dad are so proud of him! Of course, he spent most of the time sleeping but we all got a cuddle. Poor Shelley is still suffering but looks radiant.


Thursday, 1st January 2004

At last, great news! After pacing the floor all morning, my son telephoned at 12:15 pm to tell us that we have a new grandson, Andrew Nicholas (7lb 3oz), born just before midday. He is David's and Shelley's first baby. Shelley had a bit of a rough time but both mother and son are doing well. Looking forward to seeing them all. Rang all the 'Great Aunties' in France, Spain and England to tell them the news. Everyone is very excited and delighted! Well done, David and Shelley!


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