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Lancaster Bomber Photographs

Well, if you're looking at this page, and you have the patience to wait for my amateur pictures to load, you must like the Lancaster Bomber as much as I do!   I think it was and is a superb flying machine and, in flight, it has a special presence which is slightly awe-inspiring.   I don't suppose it was the most comfortable aeroplane for it's crews, but it had a job to do and it did it very well indeed.

There is only one air-worthy Lancaster still flying in the United Kingdom. The aircraft has been lovingly restored and, hopefully, still has sufficient flying hours left for a number of years. The Battle of Britain Flight, with the Spitfire and the Hurricane flanking the old Lancaster always brings a lump to my throat. I feel privileged to have been able to watch its majestic flights at several airshows in the past.

N.B. Put your cursor on each picture. A little box will appear with my comments.

Flying through the clouds. At the airshow, I was probably disappointed that the sun wasn't shining, but the clouds give the impression that you are high above the ground.
Lancaster Bomber photographed at Biggin Hill Airshow in 1981

Another fly past. The Bomb Aimer's 'bubble' right at the front shows up very clearly.
In this photo, the pilot has dipped the port wing - you can almost see him at the controls

Here, you can clearly see the Mid Upper Gunner's Turret and the Rear Gunner's position.
Another view of the Lancaster as it flew past.

Here, the Pilot has opened the Lancaster's Bomb Bay doors.
The Avro Lancaster was capable of carrying a load of eighteen 500lb bombs.
The pilot has done a u-turn and is flying back with the bomb bay doors open.

A view of the front of the Lancaster as it waits for clearance to take off again.
A photograph showing the front of the fusilage as the Lancaster waits on the runway

Parked on the tarmac. The people standing by the tail, give you an idea of the size of this aeroplane.
Photograph taken from the rear of the Lancaster on static display

The 'Battle of Britain' Memorial Flight.
The Spitfire has elliptical pointed wings and is at the top of the left-hand picture. The Hurricane (which has a humped fusilage when seen sideways on) and rounded wingtips, is on the starboard (right) side of the Lancaster Bomber. In the right-hand picture, the Hurricane and the Spitfire follow the Lancaster - I think the Spitfire is at the rear.
Photograph of The Battle of Britain Flight with the Hurrican and the Spitfire on either side and slightly behind the Lancaster Photograph of the Battle of Britain Flight with the Lancaster leading the Hurricane and the Spitfire in single file formation

To visit the Royal Airforce Website for the Battle of Britain Memorial Flight (and see some better photographs!) click here.  [N.B. This link will open in a new window, which means this page is still in the background, if you want to come back.]

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