Feedback Form

My sincere apologies if you used Feedback in the past nine months and never received a reply. Unfortunately, there was a problem with the forwarding of Feedback emails to my email address which also affected email notifications telling me when my Guestbook was signed.

This problem appears to have started either when my ISP (Freeserve) introduced their anti-spam and anti-virus service on 5th April 2004, or when Freeserve changed its name to Wanadoo on 28th April 2004. I have now reported the problem to Wanadoo and I have asked the Tripod Support Team if there is any possibility of retrieving nine lost Feedback emails.

My Feedback Form and Guestbook notifications are now functioning correctly because I have changed my email address to my Yahoo Web Mail Account. All other email links throughout my site will send mail to my home address and are working perfectly.

[Tessa Steer - 30 January 2005]