A new look

If you have visited before, you will notice that I have redesigned my front page and subsequent pages. As an amateur web designer, continually learning on the job, I was worried that I my lay-out was a little 'fussy' with too many little animations and overly bright colours! So, I thought I would ask the opinion of the "Design Doctor" section in the British magazine, "Practical Internet".

About this time, the magazine decided to give themselves a new image and a new name, "Practical Internet Web Designer", with a greater emphasis on Web design. Out went the Design Doctor and in came a new "Site SOS" section with a professional Web Designer making helpful suggestions for improving a selected site.

This website was featured in Issue 89 for January 2004 and I am very grateful to Chris Schmidt for his comments. Although I am keeping my bordered effect, I have tried to incorporate his suggestions into my new layout and I have opted for more 'subdued' backgrounds. I have also replaced some of the distracting animations - I hope you approve.

If you have an older browser which does not support Cascading Style Sheets, you probably will not see my pages at their best. My apologies for this. If there is anything terribly wrong, like unreadable overlapping text or dark text on a dark background, please let me know and I will do my best to rectify the problem.

This website was created on my laptop computer with Microsoft Windows 98 installed and Internet Explorer 6.


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